Savvy Investors Are Leveraging Investment Property’s Equity to Make Smart Investments

With home values at an all-time high, proficient investors are using the equity in their investment properties to take out cash to purchase more investment properties. A Cash-Out Refinance could be a great way to unlock your hard-earned equity and get cash for the down payment for more investment properties, other types of investments, property repairs, renovations, or whatever else you may need.

Rental Properties and Investment Properties are a great way to build wealth, and they can be a powerful tool to access liquidity through a Rental/Investment Property Cash-Out Refinance.

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What is a Cash-Out Refinance?

A cash-out refinance lets you refinance your investment property’s current mortgage, borrow more than you currently owe and keep the difference (home equity) as cash. It could be a great way to unlock your hard-earned equity and get the money you want to make more investments.

A cash-out refinance is one way to unlock the equity you’ve built in your house. Consider this example:

Your home is worth:



Your current mortgage is:


= Your Equity: $150,000

With a refinance, you could cash-out a portion of this equity. If you wanted to take out $60,000 in cash, your new mortgage principal amount would be the current balance of $200,000 plus $60,000 totaling $260,000.

*Illustration does not reflect actual cash values and does not include closing costs, escrows, prepaids, or elected expenses.

Other Reasons for a Cash-Out Refinance

Consolidating high-interest debt, such as credit card debts, student loans, and personal loans, is a good use of a cash-out refinance. Credit card interest rates are about four times higher than mortgage interest rates. This could make for significant savings.

You can also use the cash for major purchases or unexpected expenses where financing may not be available or have higher interest rates. Some other common uses are: home improvements (which could increase your equity even more!), educational expenses, and additional investments.

Ultimately, everyone’s financial situation is unique. At RP Funding, we have licensed professionals who can assist you in determining if a cash-out refinance is a good option for you.

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You could be eligible for a Closing Cost credit on your Investment Property Cash-Out Refinance. See how much you can save in Closing Costs with one of our Closing Cost Programs.

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