We’ve Paid Over $80 Million in Closing Costs for Our Customers

Find Out if You Qualify for One of Our Closing Cost Programs and How Much in Closing Costs We’ll Pay for You!

We want to help you save on Closing Costs so you can put more money towards your down payment, home improvements, future mortgage payments, or even buying down your interest rates to keep more cash in your pockets in the long-run.

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Looking for a lower rate? Use the money you are saving in Closing Costs to buy discount points to lower your interest rate

We believe in customer choice. Want to keep your savings in your pocket? Not a problem. For customers who think they will be in their home longer, using the Closing Costs savings to purchase discount points and buy down the interest rate can be a smart choice. It can result in more savings over time. Some customers choose to buy down their interest rate in the form of discount points. They take the money they are saving in Closing Costs and use those savings to buy discount points and lower their interest rate.

Talk to your loan officer today about the options available to use some or all of your Closing Costs savings to buy down your interest rate.

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We’ve paid $80 million in Closing Costs, see how much we’ll pay when you refinance

When you refinance your home loan with RP Funding, we can lock you in at today's rates with absolutely no money out of your own pocket. We do not charge a lock fee and we'll pay your Lender Fees. Whether you're trying to cut years off the life of your loan, save money on interest, or get cash out for a major home project, take advantage of our no-catch, no-risk, Cash Out Refinance and see if you're eligible for one of our Closing Cost Programs.

$1,000 Mortgage Challenge

While we are confident that our terms and offers are the most competitive in the industry, there have been rare instances where a competitor offers a better deal. Our promise to you from RP Funding is that we will never let terms or fees stand in the way of you being able to work with us and take advantage of all the benefits we offer. If you receive a legitimate offer from a competitor that is better, our promise to you is that we will match it. If we can't, we will give you $1,000.**

Unfortunately, there are mortgage companies out there trying to take advantage of borrowers. In most cases, when a competitor offers “better terms,” it is usually part of a bait-and-switch known in the industry as an “unlocked rate.” Some companies will quote you anything over the phone, only for the deal to change after you’ve spent your hard-earned money on an appraisal. Sometimes this is due to bad practice, while other times it is simply because the rate was not locked. You won’t find that at RP Funding. We assume the risk of locking our rate up front — something most lenders won’t do — so you can rest easy knowing there will be no bait-and-switch.

If you do receive a better offer than RP Funding, send us a copy and we will do our best to beat it. If we can't beat it, we'll give you $1,000 when you close on their mortgage as disclosed. But from our experience, when we can't match it, it's just too good to be true.

Our reputation as your Local Direct Mortgage Lender is important. RP Funding’s $1,000 Mortgage Deal Challenge allows you to work with a local, reputable company that cares about your community. While other lenders may hit you with hidden fees and other last-minute surprises, at RP Funding, you’ll either get the best deal on a mortgage, or $1,000, guaranteed.